Customized Rugs

At Art and Rugs, we will craft a personally customized rug for your collection. Whether you come in for a consultation, or give us a picture, we will make sure that your dream rug is crafted with the highest quality materials and care. We want to craft the newest centerpiece for your home and make sure that you have it for years to come.

Your Design

Customers will be given full control over how their customized rugs in Vienna VA will look. We want our customers to be part of the design process and will guide them through the creation and modification process of making the perfect rug.

Endless Options

We have an extensive library of rug design that you can choose from. Your customized rugs can be any shape, size, and color. We can adapt to any kind of specific designs you want for your rug.

Our highly skilled team at Art and Rugs have years of combined experience with rug making and design. You can trust Art and Rugs to deliver on time and exactly how you want it.

Contact us today to start the process of creating your customized rugs in Vienna VA.

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